Winter Registration

2016-2017 Winter Registration is now open!


Winter 2019-20 registration is now open

Option 1 : Existing and returning competitive players

This option is only for returning competitive players. Competitive players which were already registered with the club in one of the last three years and for which Saint-Laurent was the last soccer club where the player was registered

Click on the « Renew » online option while registering online

Option 2 : New Competitive Members

New members are considered:

  1. Players registering as competitive with the Club for the first time, including siblings of existing players
  2. Players that were previously affiliated with a different soccer Club. This includes players who are registered with the Saint-Laurent Soccer Club for our Winter Academy 2018 –  2019 via a temporary release from their home Club.

These « New Member » must register in person at the Club office, and have their picture taken there as well.

Events – Winter Registration

The web registrations link for the Club

To register online please click here and follow the instructions.

The link for payment requests

To request a payment please click here and follow the instructions

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Online Registration

U7 DEV 275$
U8-U12 DIV1 375$
U8-U12 DIV2 325$
A U13+ 325$
AA U15+ 325$
AA U13 375$
AA U14 450$
AAA 450$

Only Visa and MasterCard are accepted for online registrations.