Tax Receipts

Retrieving tax receipts





Click on the appropriate program



CDC 1, CDC 2, A, AA, AAA, Performance


Click on “PTS Sports” 

Detailed instructions

In the PARENTS section, enter the surname and first name of the participant exactly as it appears on their health insurance card or the exact name entered in their profile during registration as well as all other information requested, and click on SEARCH > Choose your club: Saint-Laurent Soccer Club > The PLAYER tab will give you all the information about the player The PARENT tab must be completed by the person who wishes to generate the receipt  > The PRINT tab will allow you to print the receipt in the name of the parent identified in the PARENT section > Check the information and click on the PRINT RECEIPT function > A PDF 3 copy receipt will appear. Print copies > After printing, close the window  > With the OPTIONS tab, you can print a receipt for another child or exit the session

Troubleshoot retrieving tax receipt issues and solutions

Reasons and solutions: The participant’s name requires to be exactly the same as entered in their profile. Including middle names, hyphens, etc. > Family and first names are reversed > Misspelled words > Incorrect date of birth or address > The participants were not registered in the CDC 1 or CDC 2 programs but were registered in EDS or camp programs. See “Retrieving tax receipts for the EDS School, Camps or other programs” > Avoid using a smartphone, use a desktop, laptop computer, or tablet. > Use a different search engine, delete cookies and restart >  PTS Sports is case sensitive therefore we advise you to try different options. > If unsuccessful after trying the above solutions we suggest emailing (participants full name and the program registered is required)

EDS School & Camps

Submit the request at 

providing the participant’s full name