Summer Camp 2023

Registrations are open!


Campers can expect a fun, supportive and safe environment while learning and reaping a memorable experience!

Daily Program


The daily program is focused on soccer-related activities and a variety of other activities such as arts, crafts, sporting games, and swimming. Swimming excursions are held mostly at the Park Bourbonnière. Swimming locations are subject to change. Beginners and existing soccer players will enjoy making new friendships while learning basic, fundamental, and advanced soccer skills. Campers are grouped based on their, age, gender, and soccer abilities. Active Start program for 4-5-year-olds. This program is specifically designed to cultivate your child’s love for the game and to further advance their overall coordination skills and motor development such as running, hopping, jumping, and more. Activities are delivered in a fun and safe environment filled with various games and exercises. Fundamentals for 6 –10-year-olds are focused on the techniques and skills required by the individual player. These abilities are developed through developmental soccer games mixed with small-sided games and recreational activities. Skills and Tactics for 11-16 year-olds mainly focus on advanced individual techniques and skill development. A strong emphasis is placed on quality at a higher intensity.

Questions & Answers


Where to register

Online & in-person during office hours registrations is available. In-person registrations are available during office hours at the Saint-Laurent Soccer Complex Clubs office. Preregistering in advance is recommended in order to guarantee a spot. Participants’ pictures and Saint-Laurent Recreation Cards (carte de Loisirs) are not required. All Montreal residents are welcome to register regardless of boroughs. Medicare Insurance is required upon registering. First, come the first basis applies! 


Weekly schedules options, costs, and fees

  • 1/2 days AM: 7h30 to 12h00 – $ 125.00 taxes included
  • 1/2 days PM: 13h00 – 17h00 – $125.00 taxes included
  • Full days AM & PM – 7h30 – 17h00 – $225.00 taxes included

Five days per week from Monday to Friday – 7h30 to 17h00. A $25.00 fee applies for exceeding the deadline pick-up time. Payable on the same day.


What’s included in the cost

One t-shirt per summer season.


How to apply your credit note during registration

In-person registration during office hours is required in order to apply a credit toward registering. Proof of the credit note is required before registering.


Payment Methods

Online: Visa, Master Card. In-person during office hours: Visa, Mastercard & Debit. Cash is not accepted.


Discounts registering siblings

A $10.00 discount applies for the second sibling registered if both siblings are registered for the full AM & PM week. One discount applies for the summer camp season. Half-day registrations do not qualify for the discount. Appling for a discount online is not available. In-person registrations are required during office hours in order to apply for the discount.


Signing-in, Out & Locations


Signing-in starts at either 7:30 am or 12:45 pm and signing-out is either 12:00 pm or between 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm. (Depending on the program) The drop-off and pick-up locations are at the Saint-Laurent Soccer Complex (Location subject to change) $25.00 per hour fee applies after the 12:00 pm or 5:00 pm pick-up deadline.


What to bring and not to bring daily

Campers are asked to bring their lunch or snacks in a backpack with the following items: shin guards, soccer cleats, running shoes, short pants, headgear, sandals, swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, water bottle, copy of Medicare Insurance, a life jacket if the participant does not know how to swim, medication, or EpiPen. All items must be clearly identified by name. 100% nut-free snacks and lunches. No electronic devices or valuables are permitted.


Daycare services

Pick-up after the deadline time costs $25.00 per hour. Payable by cheque before the start of the camp day. Cash is not accepted.


Lunches and snacks

No refrigeration or microwave is available during the day. A cold lunch including an ice pack or a hot lunch in a glassless thermos including a bottle of water and two snacks is recommended. For the safety of our campers with severe allergies, we ask that you provide your child with lunches and snacks that are free of nuts, peanuts, or sesame seeds.


Swimming Pool Outings

If the weather permits the participants regularly walk to Bourbonnière Park and enjoy the swimming pool located at 2800, rue Cazeneuve Montréal (Québec) H4R 1T9. A life jacket is recommended if the participant does not know how to swim. The swimming pool location is subject to change.


Supervision and ratios

10 campers per monitor plus an assistant.


Have trouble registering online?

Try these solutions: 1) Register using a laptop or desktop computer 2) Clear cookies in your search engine 3) Use a different search engine 4) Try again later. If you are still unable to register online we suggest you register in person during office hours.


Lost and found

Found iems are added in a lost and found basket in the red roof park cabin or in the St-Laurent Soccer Complex. All items pertaining to the camper should be identified with their names and contact information. The camp is not responsible for lost items.


Health Policy

Medications that you authorize the camp to give to your child must be authorized by filling out a form during registration. Campers with symptoms such as fever, cough, vomiting, contagious illness, etc. are not admitted to the camp. If symptoms arise during camp hours, you will be contacted and advised to get your child in immediately.


Safety Policy

In order to avoid injuries, participants will not be permitted to attend their sessions if they don’t have their soccer shoes or shin guards. Single-knotted shoelaces tend to undo rather quickly during training therefore, we recommend the participants or parents double knot the laces. No jewelry is permitted, and long hair requires to be tied. The swimming activities in which campers participate in the afternoon are supervised by certified lifeguards and supervised by camp monitors.


Refund – Credit Policy

No refunds are granted due to absenteeism, isolation, weather conditions, injuries, isolation, conflicts with other activities, or moving to a different suburb, city, province, or country. A $75.00 service refund fee per participant applies if a refund is accepted. Cancellations fees are $75.00 per participant. Credit notes may apply if a refund is not accepted. Refunds are issued by cheque and mailed within 8 – 10 weeks.


Retrieving Tax Receipts



In-Person Registration Form 2023



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