Soccer School EDS

Ages 4 plus


Registrations are opened for the following summer exterior courses.

  • May 23 – July 11, 2021, Sold out!
  • July 18 – September 05, 2021
  • U4-U7 –  9:00 am – 10:00 am
  • U8 + 10:00 am – 11:00 am

8 sessions  $150.00. Sundays at Marcel-Laurin Park.

If you have a credit and would like to apply it before registering, please contact to process the credit.

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Refund and Credit Policy During Covid 2021


More information Soccer School EDS


Introduction to soccer 

4-5 years old program

This program is specifically designed to cultivate your child’s love for the game and to further advance their overall co-ordination skills and motor development such as running, hopping, jumping, and more. Activities are delivered in a fun and safe environment filled with various games and exercises.



6 – 10 years old

This program is focused on the techniques and skills required by the individual player. These abilities will be developed through fun-filled activities and developmental small-sided games and regular-sided soccer games.


Skills and Tactics

11 plus

This program is focused on advanced individual techniques and skill development. A strong emphasis is placed on quality in this program at a higher intensity and individual tactic development in small-sided games.


How do I know which category?

To determine the correct age category you subtract the present year to the year of birth of the player. Example: The present year is 2012 minus the player’s year of birth 2012 is U8, regardless of the month the player was born.



Interior- Saint-Laurent Sports Complex, 2405 Thimens, St-Laurent, Qc, H4R 1T4 or exterior at Marcel Laurin Park


Online Registrations 

After registering you will receive a confirmation by email within five business days. Please confirm your e-mail address is indicated correctly or written clearly during registration in-person. Courses sell out quickly, therefore, we recommend preregistering the upcoming courses in advance. First, come the first basis applies. No picture is required by the student. Note: Medicare information is required upon registering.


Yearly Schedules

The yearly schedules are introduced in September. They will be posted on our website, Facebook and Instagram.

September-November One & two sessions per week
September-February One & two sessions per week
September-April One & two sessions per week
November-February One & two sessions per week
February-April One & two sessions per week
May–August One session per Week



Terms of Payments

Visa, Master Card


Soccer uniform included

The uniform is included in the price. It includes one jersey, one pair of shorts and one pair of soccer socks for each student. One uniform is supplied for each student during the yearly schedule. The uniforms are disturbed 20-30 minutes before the first session of each course.


What to buy

Soccer shoes with cleats, shin guards and water bottles. You can purchase them at a Premium Soccer, a Sports Expert or any other sports store.


First session

Students are advised to arrive 20-30 minutes before their first session in order to receive their uniform and change into their uniforms including their soccer shoes with cleats and shin guards.



Cancellations may occur during the year. The cancelled sessions will be replaced with a later date. You will be advised by e-mail concerning cancellations and the rescheduled dates.



Students with symptoms such as fever, coughing, vomiting contagious illness etc. are not permitted to participate in their session.



Soccer shoes with cleats and shin guards are mandatory for each session. In order to avoid injuries, students will not be permitted to attend their sessions if they don’t have their soccer shoes or shin guards. Single knotted shoelaces tend to undo rather quickly during training therefore, we strongly recommend the student or parent to double knot the laces. No jewelry is permitted and long hair requires to be tied.


Refund Credit Policy 

No refunds are granted due to absenteeism, weather conditions, injuries, conflicts with other activities or moving to a different suburb, city, province or country. A $75.00 service fee per participant applies if a refund is accepted. Refunds require to be handwritten using the Refund Credit Policy Form supplied and submitted by e-mail. Credit notes may apply if a refund is not accepted. If you received credit and would like to apply it before registering please contact in order to process the credit. Refunds are issued by check and require four weeks to process.


Tax Receipts

Tax receipts are issued in January of the following year the payment was received. STL does not mail tax receipts. To receive the tax receipts for the Camps or the STL Soccer School (Academy) programs you will require to request your tax receipt by e-mail at indicating the participant’s name. In return, you will receive the tax receipt by e-mail within five business days. If the participant was also registered in the recreational or competitive program in the same year a second tax receipt is required. Tax receipts for the recreational and competitive programs are available online at




To learn more concerning the tryout procedure click here

Corrections: Disregard the age groups on the poster below, the corrected age groups are as follows. U4-U7 from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. and U8 + 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.