St-Laurent Soccer Club Coaches


The technical director chooses coaches of the St. Laurent Soccer Association.  If you are interested, please contact him by email:

The St. Laurent Soccer Association trusts your children with 3 types of trainers :

  • Coach: with Soccer-Québec diploma certifying technical and pedagogical aptitudes to teach soccer, works in the competitive league (AA, AAA).
  • Educator: has a training certificate (S1, S3, S7) to work with children, works in both competitive (A, assistant AA-AAA) and recreational leagues.
  • Managers or parent-coaches : volunteers who receive a brief training from the the Technical department, work only in the recreational league, although managers work where ever is necessary.


The coaches for the club for the current season (by category) are :

F8 Dev A Rudy Pineda (Coach)
F9A Div 1 (MAL) Marco Lessere
F9A Div 1 (MAL) Marco Lessere
F10 Div 1 (PA) Pat Angelone (Coach)
F10 A Div 2 (CF) Carlo Fidanza
F11 Div 1 (DM) Dionysios Massas (Coach)
F11 Div 2 (ZB) Zacharie Ben Othman (Coach)
F12A Div 1 (RP) Rudy Pineda (Coach)
F12A Div 2 (RP) Rudy Pineda (Coach)
Jeff Benarroch (Coach) JEFFMTL3@HOTMAIL.COM
F13 AA (IC) Ihsain Chahim CHAHIM110@GMAIL.COM
F13A (RP) Rocco Panza
F14AA (FT) Fode Toure
F14A (RP) Rocco Panza
F15AAA (RS) Rui Sousa (Coach)
F15AA (RP) Rudy Pineda (Coach)
F16AA 1 (MP) Mauro Parravano (Coach)
F16AA 2 (FA) Fikru Asfaw (Coach)
Sen Div 1 Denis Lafrance
F21AA Luigi Toussaint


M7 Dev A et B Medjdi Sarahoui
M8 A (EF) Emin Falfoul
M8 B1 (GL) Gianluca Lombardi
M9A Div 1 (ND) Nick DeSantis (Coach)
M9C Div 1 (CN) Cezar Nerio (Coach)
M9B Div 2 (SS) Stephane Sanon (Coach)
M10 Div 1 (SB) Steve Boyce (Coach)
M10 Div 1  (MV) Mario Venditti (Coach)
M10 Div 2 (CM) Christopher Margorian (Coach)
M10A Div 2 (H) Hussein Hariri (Coach)
M11 Div 1 (KM) Karam Mansour (Coach) ESAK01@HOTMAIL.COM
M11 Div 1 (SA) Sebastien Arcand (Coach)
M11 Div 2 (NP) Nicholas Pascarella (Coach)
M11 Div 2 (JR) Jomol Ross (Coach)
M11 Div 2 (AT) Adel Tawfik
Franck Leung (Coach)
M12 Div 1 (RR) Richardson Rousseau (Coach)
M12 Div 1 (FJ) Jack Marziliano (Coach)
Frank Spada (Coach)
M12 Div 2 (HB) Hamza Bekka (Coach)
M13AA (MAL) Mark Alain Lasserre (Coach)
M13AA (KO) Kevin O’Brien (Coach)
M13 Div 2 (PT) Nektarios Tsatoumas (Coach)
M13A (LFP) Luis Fernando Peluso (coach)
M14A (SL) Stephane Lafrance (Coach)
M14A (VB) Fikru Mengistie Asfaw (Coach)
M14A (NA) Eric Labrosse (Assistant)
Nick Arcaro (Coach)
M14AA (MA) Maxwell Arhin
M15AA (MG) Marco Garberi (Coach)
M15AA (NH) Naoufel Hajaiej (Coach)
M15AAA (KA) Kwame Ansah (Coach)
M16A (MA) Mohammed Abdelbarry
M16AA (FE) Fadi El Hasani (Coach)
M16AAA (THE) Nader Akhdar (Coach)
M17AA 2 (JG) Joseph Ghosn (Coach) JOSEPHGH@HOTMAIL.COM
M17AA 1 (RP) Rocco Panza (Coach)
M17AAA (KA) Kwame Ansah (Coach)
M18AAA (FT) Fode Toure (Coach)
Sevan Ortaaslan (Coach)
M21AA (RM) Richard Melkonian (Coach)
M21AAA (MA) Maxwell Arhin
Thomas Happi Emaga (Coach)
D1M Mateo Cabanetes
D2M (JH) Juan Helal
D2M (TBC) Thierry Bourgault Cote
D3M David Pidgeon (Coach)
D4M Neil Turner (Coach)