Become a Referee

Saint-Laurent Soccer Club wants to help you make a career out of your passion for soccer!


Become a Referee

 We are proud to offer our referee team the highest paying wages in Montreal which ranges between $16.00 – $24.00 per game. Players 14 years or older are encouraged to apply. Imagine a scenario that enables you to work outdoors, learn new rules and game strategies that will ultimately mould you into a better player, and allows you to earn money at the same time. STL is currently seeking young responsible players to join its team of referees. The ideal candidate would be a disciplined player, who is passionate and dedicated to the sport. It’s a great opportunity for players to referee a match at Marcel-Laurin Park and afterwards enjoy playing a match on the same field with your team! Those chosen will undergo a two-day weekend course sometime in March-April (to be confirmed) which costs $55.00 to obtain a Lac Saint-Louis referee certification!

If you’re interested and think you have what it takes, please email us your name and coordinates. More information concerning the referee course click > BECOME A REFEREE!

Head Referee,

Christopher Quinn






Hire a referee

Recreational & Intercity league teams requiring to hire referees for exhibition friendly matches require to complete the Hire A Referee Form below and return it by e-mail. Information and fees are indicated in the form.

Hire A Referee Form

Absenteeism Form for Referees

Referees are required to complete the Absenteeism Form below if not attending their scheduled match.

To be completed and e-mailed to the head referee.







In order for players to join the competitive summer or winter league, the players are required to attend a try-out session at no charge. During the tryout session, the players trying out are evaluated by the technical directors and coaches in order to determine if the player qualifies for a specific division in their category. If interested to tryout please read the tryout procedure.

Tryout Procedure

Players are asked to complete and submit the Tryout Form while attending their first try-out session. The form will be posted on the website during the official try-out period in the spring and fall. T-shirt or jersey, shorts or long pants, exterior soccer shoes and shin guards are mandatory during the try-out sessions. After the tryout periods are completed the players are notified by either the technical directors or the coaching staff concerning the outcome of the try-outs.


Two options to participate in a tryout session during the year.


Select the option which is suitable according to the time period.


Option 1: Official tryouts. No appointment is required.

Official tryout sessions are in April and in October. The tryout schedules will be posted on the website approximately in March and September. The schedules will indicate the location and time for each category.


Option 2: Contact the coach directly. The appointment is required.

Trying out players which did not participate during the official tryout period may request a tryout session directly with the coach in their age category. The players are asked to e-mail the coach directly to arrange an appointment during their practice sessions. Below you will find the competitive coach’s contact information. Select the coach in your age category and email them asking for a tryout appointment while indicating your name, year of birth and a summary of your soccer experiences. The player is requested to follow up directly with the coach.


Compétition / Entraîneurs / Garçons –  mai – 2020 – May / Boys / Coaches /Competition
M9 A (EF) U9 A M Emin Falfoul (Coach)
M9 B1 (GL) U9 A M Gianmarco Lombardi (Coach)
M9 B2 (AK) U9 A M Ayrat Khayretdinov (Coach)
M10A Div 1 (ND) U10 A M Nick DeSantis (Coach)
M10B Div 2 (SS) U10 A M Stephane Sanon (Coach)
M10C Div 1 (CN) U10 A M Cezar Nerio (Coach)
M11 Div 1 (SB) U11 A M Steve Boyce (Coach)
M11 Div 1  (MV) U11 A M Mario Venditti (Coach)
M11 Div 2 (CM) U11 A M Christopher Margorian (Coach)
M12 Div 1 (SA) U12 A M Sebastien Arcand (Coach)
M12 Div 2 (NP) U12 A M Nicholas Pascarella (Coach)
M12 Div 2 (AM) U12 A M Antoine Mantino (Coach)
M12 Div 2 (AT) U12 A M Adel Tawfik (Coach)
M13AA (THE) U13 AA M Thomas Happi Emaga (Coach)
M13AA (FJ) U13 AA M Jack Marziliano (Coach)
M13 Div 2 (HB) U13 A M Hamza Bekka (Coach)
M14AA (KA) U14 AA M Kwame (Coach)
M14A (KO) U14 A M Kevin O’Brien (Coach)
M14A (PT) U14 A M NEKTARIOS PANAGIOTIS Tsatoumas (Coach)
M14A (GP) U14 A M George Percolides (Coach)
M15AA (SL) U15 AA M Stephane Lafrance (Coach)
M15AA (VB) U15 AA M Viken Bamboukian (Coach)
M15AA (NA) U15 AA M Nick Arcaro (Coach)
M15AAA (MA) U15 AAA M Maxwell Arhin
M16AA (MG) U16 AA M Marco Garberi (Coach)
M16AA (NH) U16 AA M Naoufel Hajaiej (Coach)
M16AAA (SO) U16 AAA M Sevan Ortaaslan (Coach)
M17A (MA) U17 A M Mohammed Abdelbarry
M17AA (FE) U17 AA M Fadi El Hasani (Coach)
M17AAA (MC) U17 AAA M Marco Carneiro (Coach)
M18AA 1 (RP) U18 AA M Rocco Panza (Coach)
M21AAA (AS) U18 AAA M Adel Sassi (Coach)
M21AA (RM) SEN U21 AA M Richard Melkonian (Coach)
M21AAA (MA) U21 AAA M Adel Sassi (Coach)
Compétition / Entraîneurs / Fille –  mai – 2020 – May / Girls / Coaches /Competition
F8 Dev (JB) U8 L F Jeff Benarroch (Coach) jeffMTL3@HOTMAIL.COM
F9A Div 1 (RP) U9 A F Rudy Pineda (Coach)
F10A Div 1 (MAL) U10 A F Mark Alain Lasserre (Coach)
F11 Div 1 (PA) U11 A F Pat Angelone (Coach)
F11 A Div 2 (CF) U11 A F Carlo Fidanza (Coach)
F12 Div 1 (DM) U12 A F Dionysios Massas (Coach)
F12 Div 2 (GD) U12 A F Giuseppe Di Tomaso (Coach)
F13A (RP) U13 A F Rudy Pineda (Coach)
F14 AA (KF) U14 AA F Kaityn Fournier (Coach)
F15AA (RP) U15 AA F Rocco Panza (Coach)
F16AAA (AP) U16 AAA F Amy Pietrangelo (Coach)
F16AA (DS) U16 AA F Didier Serero (Coach)
F17AA 2 (FA) U17 AA F Fikru Asfaw (Coach)
F18AA 1 (MP) U18 AA F Mauro Parravano (Coach)

What are the duties of a soccer referee?

Enforcers of the game, referees make binding decisions regarding the application of the laws of soccer. The main referee works in conjunction with assistant referees, who are in charge of watching the lines and ensuring the game is being played fairly.

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Enforcing Fair Play

The main duty of a referee is to watch over the game and enforce fair play. Referees have a right to sanction players with yellow or red cards, stop or terminate the game due to risk factors, and assess fouls and penalties. Referees are also in charge of keeping time and providing a game report to league officials.

Keeping Players Safe

Referees monitor player safety. This means that if a player is injured or bleeding, a referee stops the game and ensures that the player is removed or cared for on the field. This protects both the injured player and the teammates. Referees can also card players to maintain order in the match and order coaches or parents to leave sidelines if they’re interfering with the play or not conducting themselves properly.

Looking for Stormy Weather

A referee must pay attention to the surrounding environment and ensure that the conditions are acceptable for play. For example, a referee must stop the match if the weather is too severe, interferes with the play or is putting the players in danger. The same is true if the condition of the field is not up to code, if spectator interference occurs or if some of the fixtures or equipment become damaged during the game.