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If you have a credit and would like to apply it before registering, you would require to register in person during office hours.



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Hire a referee

Recreational & competitive programs requiring to hire referees for exhibition-friendly matches require to complete the Hire A Referee Form below and return it by e-mail. Information and fees are indicated in the form.

Hire A Referee Form

Help and support programs offered to Club members!

Assignments of paid tasks
  • Training as an instructor for our schools, and soccer camps with more than respectable salaries
  • Training in refereeing (from the age of 15, his players become referees and are able to pay the costs thanks to their work
  • Coaching training for the recreational program (same consequence as refereeing)
  • Volunteers were rewarded with fee waivers to work during our activities. Ex: end of year celebrations and tournaments
Contribution from our partners
The Club has established an excellent socio-economic relationship with its partners, by encouraging them to get involved, for example:
our big-box grocery sponsors IGA, offer packaging activities to teams to allow them to supplement their expenses.
Other sales sponsorships such as Premium Soccer offers jobs to our members referred by the Club.
Allocation of fee waivers

The Club of Saint-Laurent has an allocation program to waive registration fees to certain members with financial difficulties.
The coaches or employees of the Club must refer members identified as in need of financial assistance, a form is then filled with a summary description of the situation of the member’s parents and submitted for study to the members of the board of directors. for approval.