Development Program CDC 1

Fundamental U7-U8

Previously House League




In order to register online for the existing members please contact your coach for the registration link.

Players registering for the first time with the club are required to register in person during office hours.






Development Program CDC 1 U4-U8 (FAQ)


The Active Start U4-U6 and Fundamental U7-U8 are opened to all players boys and girls ages 4-8. The teams are categorized by year of birth. The program is strategically designed to offer fun and excitement to children in a team format while supporting a healthy and active lifestyle for all players. The Club is also focused on ensuring our players are playing in a safe environment while providing an exciting and fun experience for the players and parents.



The program starts at the end of May and ends in August. (subject to change) The game schedules are posted on the website by early April. The program runs for 12 weeks, two nights per week from Monday-Friday including practices. Approximately 30 minutes of training by trained educators followed by a 30-minute match. From 18h00-19h00 or 19h15-21h15. The time is subject to change. 



What is included in the registration fee? 

Included in the registration are the following items: jersey, shorts, soccer socks, bag, and a soccer ball. One of each. Also included for the players and the coaches is an award and lunch at the end-of-year festival. 



What do I need to buy?

The parents are required to buy exterior soccer shoes with cleats and shin guards. Note: shin guards are worn underneath the socks.



Which parks do they play in?

The games are exterior played on grass scheduled between these parks: Marcel-Laurin Park (ML) or Philippe-Laheurte Park (PL). Click on the parc link to locate the field numbers for the matches that will be played.



Registrations are online  Participants registering for the first time with the club are required to e-mail a picture of the participant’s medical card to after registration was completed. 


Terms of payment

Visa and Master Card.


When is the registration deadline?


$50.00 late fee will apply after the deadline date indicated during the registration period



All teams are assigned a volunteered coach before the season starts. Coaches in the Recreational program are volunteers from our community with or no experience. However, there are times the assigned coaches withdraw at the last moment which leaves their assigned team without a coach. The quickest and best solution in this situation is if one or two of the parents from the team volunteer to coach. A complete vulnerable sector screening is mandatory (police check).


When does the coach contact us?

The coaches are advised to contact the parents by e-mail within one to two weeks before the first game. If you have not been contacted one week before the start of the season, please contact us at


Can my child be on the same team as their friend?

 If they have the same year of birth you can request by e-mail


What happens in case of rain?

Cancellations due to rain, bad weather, or field closures may occur during the season. Cancellations will be announced by either your coach or by visiting our home page occasionally during the day. Matches are immediately canceled if thunder or lightning occurs during a match. Please note: canceled games due to bad weather are not rescheduled or refunded.


Do teams have a referee?

Games include one referee for the categories U9-U13.


How many players play on the field?

Players 4 to 8 years old play 5 verses 5 and ages between 9-13 old play 7 verses 7.


Do the players require a picture or soccer passport?

No picture or passport required.


End of year soccer festival?

At the end of the season in September the Club hosts and invites all players, parents, coaches, and family members to celebrate their last day of the season held at the Marcel-Laurin Park (ML). Lunch is included for the teams and an amusement park is on-site for the children. The teams will play their final friendly match of the season and afterward will be greeted on stage to receive their award, A special day for teams and parents!


How are teams created?

Players that register in the Development Program CDC 1 are randomly selected in a team according to by their year of birth and gender.


Are there standings in the Development Program CDC 1?

No. Standings are only available in the competitive program.


How can I join the competition program?


For more information concerning tryouts click here >Tryouts


Safety Precautions

 In order to prevent injuries we ask for the following: soccer shoes with cleats and shin guards are mandatory for each game. No running shoes or jewelry is permitted. Double knotted shoelaces are advised and long hair requires to be tied. Players with symptoms such as fever, coughing, vomiting, or a contagious illness are not be allowed to attend their match.


Refund Credit Policy 

Canceled matches due to rain, bad weather, or poor field conditions are not rescheduled or refunded. No refunds are granted due to absenteeism, injuries, conflicts with other activities, or moving to a different suburb, city, province or country. A $75.00 service fee per participant applies if a refund is accepted. Refunds require to be handwritten using the Refund Credit Policy Form and submitted by e-mail. Credit notes may apply if a refund is not accepted. Credit notes can be applied within one year towards a different program we offer. Refunds are issued by check and require four-week delivery.


How do I claim the income tax receipts?

Income tax receipts for the Development Program CDC 1 and competitive programs are available online at starting in January of the new year. To receive the income tax receipts for the Camps or the Soccer School EDS programs you will require to request your income tax receipt by e-mail at indicating the participant’s name. In return, you will receive the income tax receipt by e-mail within five business days.