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Registrations are now opened

Posted July 09, 2020

Thursday, July 09 Sessions are Cancelled!


Categories cancelled listed below.

Due to the intense heat, all U4 to U12 (House League AND Intercity) as well as for U13 and U14 House League (only) sessions are cancelled tonight, Thursday, July 9, 2020.


Posted July 10, 2020

Soccer Camp: Spaces are available!


All ages between 4-14 are now opened to register.


For more information concerning the program click here (Program in the English version to follow shortly)

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Posted June 28, 2020

Recreational League Match Schedule!



House League Schedule 2020

Development - Passion - Devotion


Posted June 22, 2020

Soccer School EDS starting date has been postponed


The course on June 28 – August 30, 2020, has been postponed to July 05 – Sept 06, 2020. Ages 4 – 14!

The next course begins on July 05 – Sept 06, 2020, 10 sessions @ $190.00
The exterior sessions will be held at the Marcel Laurin Park (field # 10)


Posted June 22, 2020

Covid-19 Mandatory Procedure!


After registering the participants are required to complete these two forms; Medical and Risk Recognition and return the completed forms on their first day of the soccer activity you registered.

Saint-Laurent Soccer Tournament


Saint-Laurent Soccer Clubs’ fifth home tournament will be held on Labor Day weekend on September 04-06, 2020. Once a year the club hosts a home weekend soccer tournament for the competitive League, categories U8 to U12 for girls and boys. Games are played in our Home Parks, Marcel Laurin, Noël-Nord and Philippe Laheurte.

More Information

Due to the present Covid-19 outbreak teams will not be required to pay until the ban has been officially lifted. $50.00 fee will apply for late registrations or payments not received before June 15, 2020.


  • 5v5: U8 – 4 games minimum (2 x 20 minutes) Fee: $250.00
  • 7v7: U9, U10 – Festival – 4 games minimum (2 x 20 minutes) Fee: $ 275.00
  • 9v9: U11, U12 – 4 games minimum (2 X 25 minutes) Fee: $300.00
Tryout Procedure
Two options to participate in a tryout session during the year.


Select the option which is suitable according to the time period.


Option 1: Official tryouts. No appointment is required.

Official tryout sessions are in April and in October. The tryout schedules will be posted on the website approximately in March and September. The schedules will indicate the location and time for each category.


Option 2: Contact the coach directly. The appointment is required.

Trying out players which did not participate during the official tryout period may request a tryout session directly with the coach in their age category. The players are asked to e-mail the coach directly to arrange an appointment during their practice sessions. Below you will find the competitive coach’s contact information. Select the coach in your age category and email them asking for a tryout appointment while indicating your name, year of birth and a summary of your soccer experiences. The player is requested to follow up directly with the coach.


Compétition / Entraîneurs / Garçons –  mai – 2020 – May / Boys / Coaches /Competition
M9 A (EF) U9 A M Emin Falfoul (Coach)
M9 B1 (GL) U9 A M Gianmarco Lombardi (Coach)
M9 B2 (AK) U9 A M Ayrat Khayretdinov (Coach)
M10A Div 1 (ND) U10 A M Nick DeSantis (Coach)
M10B Div 2 (SS) U10 A M Stephane Sanon (Coach)
M10C Div 1 (CN) U10 A M Cezar Nerio (Coach)
M11 Div 1 (SB) U11 A M Steve Boyce (Coach)
M11 Div 1  (MV) U11 A M Mario Venditti (Coach)
M11 Div 2 (CM) U11 A M Christopher Margorian (Coach)
M12 Div 1 (SA) U12 A M Sebastien Arcand (Coach)
M12 Div 2 (NP) U12 A M Nicholas Pascarella (Coach)
M12 Div 2 (AM) U12 A M Antoine Mantino (Coach)
M12 Div 2 (AT) U12 A M Adel Tawfik (Coach)
M13AA (THE) U13 AA M Thomas Happi Emaga (Coach)
M13AA (FJ) U13 AA M Jack Marziliano (Coach)
M13 Div 2 (HB) U13 A M Hamza Bekka (Coach)
M14AA (KA) U14 AA M Kwame (Coach)
M14A (KO) U14 A M Kevin O’Brien (Coach)
M14A (PT) U14 A M NEKTARIOS PANAGIOTIS Tsatoumas (Coach)
M14A (GP) U14 A M George Percolides (Coach)
M15AA (SL) U15 AA M Stephane Lafrance (Coach)
M15AA (VB) U15 AA M Viken Bamboukian (Coach)
M15AA (NA) U15 AA M Nick Arcaro (Coach)
M15AAA (MA) U15 AAA M Maxwell Arhin
M16AA (MG) U16 AA M Marco Garberi (Coach)
M16AA (NH) U16 AA M Naoufel Hajaiej (Coach)
M16AAA (SO) U16 AAA M Sevan Ortaaslan (Coach)
M17A (MA) U17 A M Mohammed Abdelbarry
M17AA (FE) U17 AA M Fadi El Hasani (Coach)
M17AAA (MC) U17 AAA M Marco Carneiro (Coach)
M18AA 1 (RP) U18 AA M Rocco Panza (Coach)
M21AAA (AS) U18 AAA M Adel Sassi (Coach)
M21AA (RM) SEN U21 AA M Richard Melkonian (Coach)
M21AAA (MA) U21 AAA M Adel Sassi (Coach)
Compétition / Entraîneurs / Fille –  mai – 2020 – May / Girls / Coaches /Competition
F8 Dev (JB) U8 L F Jeff Benarroch (Coach) jeffMTL3@HOTMAIL.COM
F9A Div 1 (RP) U9 A F Rudy Pineda (Coach)
F10A Div 1 (MAL) U10 A F Mark Alain Lasserre (Coach)
F11 Div 1 (PA) U11 A F Pat Angelone (Coach)
F11 A Div 2 (CF) U11 A F Carlo Fidanza (Coach)
F12 Div 1 (DM) U12 A F Dionysios Massas (Coach)
F12 Div 2 (GD) U12 A F Giuseppe Di Tomaso (Coach)
F13A (RP) U13 A F Rudy Pineda (Coach)
F14 AA (KF) U14 AA F Kaityn Fournier (Coach)
F15AA (RP) U15 AA F Rocco Panza (Coach)
F16AAA (AP) U16 AAA F Amy Pietrangelo (Coach)
F16AA (DS) U16 AA F Didier Serero (Coach)
F17AA 2 (FA) U17 AA F Fikru Asfaw (Coach)
F18AA 1 (MP) U18 AA F Mauro Parravano (Coach)