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Registrations for courses starting on December 08, 2021, are opened and available here.

Spaces are limited and a first-come, first-served basis applies.

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No cash will be accepted during in-person registration starting January 01, 2022

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Registration in person during office hours: Visa, Mastercard, Debit & Cheque.

Sanitary Protocol


The limit of 105 people in the stands at the Complex during Saint-Laurent Soccer Club activities no longer applies. The Vaccinal Passport and proof of identification are now required to enter the Complex for all individuals 13 years of age and over. Masks are always required throughout the Complex, except on the field when in action. Players will continue entering by the main entrance and then going right immediately to follow the path they have been using to get to the field. After practice, players will use the stairs to get back up to the main level and leave the Complex. We encourage you to keep on respecting a physical distancing of one meter when possible.

Health Protocols, Masks & Measures Guide 2021


Refund and Credit Policy During Covid


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